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to do sthi. the fact that they can do something locally. >> the program will go through hun at all party city stores and the company will match with $25,000. >>> you've probably soon the commercials. question 7 is all about gambling, allowing more lottery machines and adding a sixth casino in prince george's county. advocates said a yes vote would create more jobs and put money in education but opponents said it's not worth the moral price of gambling. >> i have a proposal. why don't the state of maryland start off a heroin company and make the best heroin on the east coast that way we can bring people from all up and down 95 to buy heroin in the state of maryland and the state would get money off the heroin. >> marylanders can weigh in in the voting booths. for more information, head to abc2news.com and look at our fee colored stories. >>> the wait is finally over. apple unveiled the new ipad mini today. here's a breakdown of the differences between the new smaller version and the full size. the screen measures 7.9 inches corner to corner and weighs less than a pound, about that of a pi
incident at a local school yesterday. two male students are charged with handgun violations after one brought ammunition to school at deer park middle school. the student got the gun from home. it was only the ammo he brought to school. >> he brought the weapon to a location, about a quarter of a mile away from the school. he displayed that went to he displ1b&hv√°)hand then took t weapon b hid it, on a piece of private property, went to the building, had ammunition in the pocket. another child, went to an administrator or teacher. >> there is no indication that the boys had any plan to harm students or staff at the school. the gun was legally registered and secured with a gun lock. now in this case, the gun never made to it school, and was locked but to prevent more scares and keep children safe, the baltimore county police department is urging people to keep the guns locked up. if you live in baltimore, visit any precinct and get up to 3 free gun locks, the police foundation donated $5000 to fund this program. for. >>> the baltimore blast want to score a goal against bullying tool. t
that trickle down to treatment. >> last year we funded 6 local programs in the state -- 26 local programs in the state. we're major funder to many of our grantees. they provide services, nurse navigators. it's really important. there's a lot at stake. >> reporter: certainly an important message. thank you for joining us live. so you have an hour if you want to get out in hunt valley and open -- >> 11 to 3:00. >> reporter: so four hours tomorrow. you can rj sterks pick up your packet. at 6:00 on sunday morning they'll be out here before the praise starts at 8:00. we'll joan you live on the air from 7 until 10, so a weekend filled with pink. come on out here and support komen for the cure. we're live in hunt valley. >> i love. that a volunteer take as whole week off to show her dedication. >> there's still time to register. go to abc2news.com/think pink. we have a link to komen's website but time is running out. online registration closes tomorrow at 1:00. >> it will be a bessie sunday -- busy sunday. >> if you're looking for something else to do you may want to try your ball -- ballet. >>
police bust or a lock june at a local school, you can hear about it on our mobile apps, did to abc2news.com/mobile to download right now. >>> baltimore city police need your help. the first victim a 40-year-old woman was walking to her collar about 2:00 this morning on roland avenue. two men came up with a gun and forced her into the car. the car is described as a silver four-door stratus. the men took her to an atm, made her take out money and let her go. 10 minutes later, police say they struck again. >> this 19-year-old victim was riding his bike on roland avenue. they struck this victim with the car. the victim fell off the bicycle and then made sure he was okay. at that point they forced him into their vehicle. >> he was robbed and eventually dropped off as well. police have increased the number of officers but they are asking anyone who may have seen the car to call 911 rote away. >>> video out of miami beach. hurricane sandy is producing high winds and waves. by tomorrow expect waves up to 15 feet high. >> whatever happens in florida, we want to know will it affect us here. let's
-396-2100. >>> a local cemetery is having big problems with thefts. roosevelt leftwich explains how thieves are stealing urns right off the graves. >> reporter: thieves took several different heavy bronze urns down in brooklyn park. now according to authorities, depending on the size of the urn they weigh anywhere from two to three pounds a and cost anywhere from $600 to $700 but the bronze is only worth $1.69 a pound. the thefts were scattered around the cemetery but police say this isn't the first time that cedar hill was robbed. >> the same cemetery almost a month eying-- ago. we had almost 30 information tor northwest district. these are people's memories. this is important to people, very meaning full. >> the company spokesperson said they are saddened by these thefts. she said they are asking families to contact them immediately. this -- they're offering to replace them with ones made out of zinc, one with not as much metal as bronze. police are asking anyone with information to call them at their office. roosevelt leftwich -- abc2 news. >> a few patches of drizzle. a look around queen anne's coun
'll introduce you to a local high school football player who is, selling both on the field and in the classroom. >> 61 degrees out at bwi. our normal is 68, a little cooler than average. take a look to the north. cooler air. not that far away, details coming up. >>> every thursday, we're going to highlight a student athlete in the student athlete of the book. it's chris a bino. >> chris never brags or talks about himself, so we will. >> reporter: prepare, priority, two words you would think he wouldn't say. >> i'm so hungry getting home. >> oar that is after all day ap courses, after football practice and hitting the books until midnight. did we mention chris writes for the school newspaper, a scholar attended bl for 13 years. >> everybody looks after each other. >> reporter: in the entire afternoon, never did chris say i. it was always we, us, school, team, very modest young man. >> he's got wonderful parents. >> reporter: on the football field he just switched positions from defense to offense and you guessed it. he was successful, why? >> i tried to propear if practice. when i get on the fie
himself as if he were an official of some sort. he was with the state or the city or the local energy company. >> reporter: but after a quick check of the attic, windows and doors, the so-called auditor turned on a hard sale and said they ned to bee a $4,000 solar plaimpg cet for the attic. >> i was mad that he misdieded us. >> reporter: debbie was just one victim of what the consumer fed raising of america calls an energy audit scam. >> scam ares sndz consumers postcards, make phone calls, offering free energy audits that will save them hundreds a month. >> reporter: grant says the auditors often apply they're with a government agency or utility company. >> their intpt is to sell them things like heat barriers, which actually do save them. >> reporter: and shoddy work could be the result. these pictures were taken inside a home where the owner fell for a free energy scam and paid the company to put in insulation. turns out the company was unlicensed and never returned to finish the job. >> we've seen cases where the work has not been completed fully or people were not benefiting. >>
by monday. >> tonight we will continue our coverage of democracy 2012. jamie will interview a local candidate. >> will the birds play tonight? we'll have to wait and see. >> and hope and pray. >>> we are committed to giving you the information you need. as part of our commitment to democracy 2012 we're bringing you five-minute one on one interviews with the candidates. we have the libertarian candidate for maryland's 6th direct. >> i'm nicholas mueller, the libertarian candidate for congress in the 6th direct. the reason i'm running is to provide voters a real choice rather than the republicans and democrats who only disagree on where they want the government to interfere in your life. >> we're speaking with a $16 trillion debt. housing market that's shaky. where do you start to finding solutions. >> i think the right solution is to get the government out of the economy as much as possible. it's gotten too big. it spends too much money. what we really need to do is let the free markets solve a lot of these problems. as for the housing market, that's a harder issue. a lot of bad debt
alarm fire now a two alarm one on fleet street putting local business owners on edge. that. and more at the news at six which starts right now. . >>> police say a supervisor kidnapped a worker and demanded ransom all over an overpaid loan. how they were able to rescue the victim. >> usually a restaurant gets by word of mouth. now they will get graded. for being clean or dirty. >> and a huge drug bust, police get crack, marijuana, cocaine and thousands of dollars. we will tell you what helped them crack this case. >> things started off on the soggy side. rainy start for the skies but it's clearing out. >> will the sun stay in to the weekend? let's check in with wyatt with the first forecast. good or bad news? >> i think it's good news for the next 48 hours at least. nice around here tomorrow. lue love it. the radar just a few showers blowing out to the north and east. we are looking at a dry situation for a couple of showers, light rain showers, temperatures now 73, townsend, edgewood 76, we have 75 in rock hall. clouds beginning to clear from west to east. clear, dryer
. the ravens are challenging local students to get active for at least 60 minutes a day. he talked to students about the importance -- look at the cheers. he wants them to stay healthy by eating and exercising. help ran threw some drill -- he ran through some drills with the kids. >> football is the game we play, but our platform, we're supposed to do better things in the community and better things for people in general. it's not just about football. we have to use our influence to bet are our world many anytime you get the opportunity to come out, it means a lot. >> they are taking part in the challenge in conjunction with the county project. how would you like to have that at your school. >> from what he went through and to be there today, unbelievable. he is a superstar. >>> firefighters have one of the most dangerous jobs, risking their lives to save others. don harrison has a look at the challenges that firefighters face. >> we're looking live on the west side on bel air road and belt belt -- and the beltway. >> depended on where you were on how warm it got. a scan of 30, 40 miles make a
're not notified from -- of a death, then the name stays. we used to get it in writing from the local court. now it's give tonight state and the state purges those names from the voter rolls. >> reporter: hey said they sent the -- he said they sent the results to the state but have not heard back about the findings. katie brown said they reviewed that information and have taken steps to verify that information and will act if they find any issues. roosevelt leftwich, abc2 news. >> a beautiful fall day. october the 1st. >> but little rain might be coming our way. look who's back. let's check in with chief meteorologist wyatt everhart. >> glad to be back from cincinnati. the purple was not popular out there last week. clouds rolling in, changing weather. we've got a night where we will begin to see the showers roll. i think we're good for the rest of the evening but a stray shower. thunderstorms as this large hear of low pressure begins to drift east. as we go into the day tomorrow and early wednesday, this evening 70 or so will fall into the 60s and the possibility of showers into the morning commut
. >> reporter: this man is a doctor. he stayed behind at a local hospital as sandy made landfall. >> they were evacuatin i'm originally from afghanistan. i can relate to this. we didn't evacuate. my son, he wants to see it. >> reporter: normally this is a booming tourist mecca. right now it's empty. there's plenty of damage and most places don't even have power. cleaning up will take a long time. >> no one has been allowed back into the city. >> reporter: president obama surveyed the area by air and on the ground. he met with governor christie. it will take time to clean up. the ball is rolling and the federal government is very much involved. reporting for abc2 news. >> for will look at all the incredible pictures you have sent in and the video of the damage from all over maryland, just head to abc2news.com/sandy. >>> real important reminder. many people may have power at home but there are a lot of traffic lights out. we caught quite a few drivers blowing through intersections with their lights breaking the law. police handed out tickets. when drives come to a light that's out this should be
what? leon binge joins us. >> we are here to help out the family, local independent drivers top donate some money to help them with their funeral. as you can see several of the drivers are here. >> there will be one funeral for all five victims. will money be raised to help with the funeral cost? >> yes. that's the intention. >> reporter: no offense we typically don't want to see a tow truck driver but tonight you're sending so much good. >> it's good to give back to the community. some where along the line these families have used one of our service, so we're here to give back to the community. >> reporter: you're with lb towing. hey, -- guys, wave to us. we will be leaving from pauly high school heading to the home in northeast baltimore. there they will say a prayer and each driver is also collecting money. again, that money will be used for the funeral cost. so, guys, we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. back to you. >> all right. a 15-year-old is stabbed at northwood high school in silver spring much the victim will make it. the victim is not cooperating with the investigation. an
, which was up to 26 inches of snow. look at this locally, cold air. so we'll hav much more on sandy straight ahead. >> a lot going on for folks in millers island concerned about the damage and high tide. >> joce sterman is out there and she is live for us. >> reporter: the water is rising a bit has that tide begins to come in here on back river. the water, obviously, a main concern, not just for people who live on it but for people who police it and patrol it. we went along with the coast guard to survey the damage. they took us along on the ride. this coast guard crew heads into the water braving the waves to see if slain di left a mark. they're spoichg the bay and the shores looking for damage and not finding much. even with the storm gone it's not smooth sailing for the crew members. boats like this operated by crews for the coast guard can handle up to eight feet. that's what they saw by the bay bridge on monday afternoon. the wind is a completely different story. >> with the winds being too high, it would be too dangerous. >> reporter: with the winds weakening, they were able t
. >> good stuff. hey, let's take a look at the temperatures, sunshine, comfortable weather. here's our local temperatures in the low 60s. 61 in upper marlboro. you can see the beaches close to 60 but not quite. it's been a quiet pattern. temperatures cooler last night down to the 30s. now the winds have turned southerly on us. that southeasterly breeze will have an impact. we'll only fall into the mid-40s. barely below 60 tonight in spots. barely below 60. we have a few clouds east of the chesapeake. most of the area has been sitting in the clear. some morning sunshine. then the clouds roll. our next weather maker, a trailing front off the storm system that will be tracking through eastern canada. that could generate showers. they will continue into early pri day morning, the wee hours. i'm fairly confident that the evening commute tomorrow should be droip and showers tomorrow night. friday through the day if you have plans and looking good, temperatures will bounce back with widespread sunshine. we could hit 70. to the with the our next weather maker already on the map. showers coming down
is assigned to is to promote the arts and sciences. it's best left to the state and local ties. >> what do we need to do with afghanistan? >> we need this get out and stop this constant building up of other nation. that's driving part of our debt because we can't sustain it. those nations need to create their own destiny and they ned to choose what government is best for them. >> is the healthcare reform act the answer. this is president obama's landmark piece of legislation and mitt romney said he will repeal it. what do you think? >> i don't support it. romney said he will repeal and replace. free market solutions will fix this. free market is where we need to g the problem is whenever government gets involved, it costs more and we usually have more problems come from government getting involved. >> while you are one person running for congress right now, what do you say about the stalemate that exists? sometimes it's just nastiness. >> you're one of 435 peoplen capitol hill, so first you have to find people on issues that you agree on. if there's issues you agree on, you work together but
that don't work and run education where it belongs. local level, to the parents, to the communities. >> we have about a minute left. afghanistan, do you see an end in site? >> afghanistan seems to be a hole in the ground right now. soviets didn't have success, we are not having success. that whole region of the world especially the last few days with the attacks on the embassies, those folks are never going to appreciate us and like us because our values are amp thet call to theys to force ours on them, we are going to meet head on. we got to recognize that for what it is. it's going to be a con flick. in a sense we have to separate and isolate, and if we stop sending so many pet tro dollars over this and allowing them to finance they activities, we are going to be a lot better off. >>> still tracking sandy, we will be doing it tonight and all weekend long, here on the air and on abc2news.com and on mobile.
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